*iNovaLife is a private club of savings.

The use of the platform is exclusively restricted to iNovaLife affiliate promoters and their users. You must have been invited by an affiliate promoter or a registered user. A referent number is required to have access to the private club of savings.

Questions and answers

1How does it work?
Using iNovaLife is free, quick and easy to use. Start by choosing a product to compare - insurance, mortgages, credit cards or renovation. Our trusted partners will subsequently put you in touch with the company that offers you the lowest market price or rate.
2Why iNovaLife?
iNovaLife's mission is to save thousands of dollars to Canadian families on their insurances, their mortgages, their credit cards, as well as their renovation project. iNovaLife allows you to save through a secure platform and no user fees.You just need to have been invited by an affiliate promoter.It's simple, easy and efficient.